AKA Trio
gitaar, kora, percussie

AKA Trio

AKA Trio is the result of 12 years of friendship between three world-renowned virtuosos: Italian guitarist, Antonio Forcione; Senegalese kora player; Seckou Keita; and Brazilian percussionist,
Adriano Adewale. “Three musicians who were meant and destined to play together” as suggested by Songlines.

Together they create intense, spiritual and resolutely acoustic music that transcends musical styles and genres. On stage they will showcase highlights from their album Joy, where “free-flowing songs and instrumentals dazzle with a rich musical, almost monastic, minimalism where less actually does mean more” by Morning Star.

With each performance, AKA Trio takes us on a fabulous journey through Africa, Europe and South America with awe-inspiring, joyful, uplifting and life-affirming performances as well as incredible moments of improvisation.

Adriano Adewale Itauna

Brazilian percussionist/composer Adriano Adewale is a versatile musician and performer, known for his unconventional and exploratory approach to music, and for his ability to create magical soundscapes from the seemingly banal.

With an intriguing array of worldwide percussion instruments as well as his unique vocal percussion skills, Adriano has nurtured a sound world of his own. Adewale has an unique ability to play and create mesmerising atmospheres and soundscapes; he paints with sounds, telling stories through music. His percussion playing is creative and innovative, revealing beauty with subtle touch, combined with deep and powerfully crafted infectious grooves. The poetry created by Adewale’s heartfelt, thoughtful drumming in addition to a masterful delivery of his artwork, has captivated and mesmerised audiences from around the world.

Adriano has released several critical acclaim albums with his own international ensemble the ‘Adriano Adewale Group’, as well as in collaboration with Benjamim Taubkin, Nathan Riki Thomson, Emilia Marttenson to mention but a few. He has shared the stage with world leading artists including Bobby McFerrin, Joanna McGregor, Benjamin Taubkin.

Adriano has also made a name for himself as curator, an artistic director and a soughtafter composer who works with cross-genre art forms. He writes and arranges music for small to large ensembles, youth choirs and orchestras. Adewale’s music connects musicians, communities and audiences from different backgrounds to come together as a team. Amongst others, Adriano has been commissioned by London Jazz Festival, Bath Music festival, Royal Opera House (London), Theatre Rites and Phoenix Dance Company.